It was a hands down question of who was going to photograph the most important day of our lives together. I had stalked Shea’s photographs for years and they were so creative & timeless. Shea was like a wedding consultant as well as a photographer. She was so helpful giving information on wedding ideas that worked great and those that didn’t, and more than bent over backwards on a holiday weekend in 100 degrees to make sure we got our wedding weekend captured! Shea truly treats you like a best friend. She tactfully handled the onlookers at our venue as well as other sticky situations with such class.. racing around to re-do the AWESOME photobooth that an impromptu storm tried to tear down. I couldn’t imagine using a photographer different than her. Even the photographer friend she brought was just perfect to us–she just has good taste! Shea will be our lifelong special moment capturer with her amazing photographs & charming personality. I just wish I could carry her around in my pocket! Shea—from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU. Eric & I just adore you. –Megan + Eric

Ellen and I cannot begin to describe how pleased we were with Shea and her work. She will get nothing but the highest recommendation from our entire family. Shea did both my brother’s and I’s wedding and I hope to have her do my kids wedding one day. -Ellen + Ryne

The first time I ever saw a slideshow of one of your weddings, it literally brought tears to my eyes (and I didn’t even know the bride and groom)! I knew then and there that I wanted you to photograph my wedding one day. Three years later, my wish came true. You were able to capture every special moment of that day, especially the little moments that I would have forgotten if not for you. You have truly found your calling in life. I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life! I will also be calling you whenever we decide to have some little Ferguson’s, so get ready to have us in your life for a while! Thanks for being the best photographer we could have asked for and for giving us the most beautiful pictures! The Ferguson’s love you! -Courtney + Chase

I think they are perfect, simply put. You captured our families, our guests, our day- in their very essence. Years from now when I look at these pictures I will be able to remember exactly what it was like to be “singing in the rain.” I am so grateful that you were there, not only to have you by my side, but also because you remembered to get shots of all the little things I had already forgotten or did not even see/notice that weekend. You already know I just adore you, but to say I feel so very lucky to have had the pleasure of having you photograph my wedding would be an understatement! You made us look gooooooooood, girl :) -Allyson + Jake

You can tell by browsing her work that Shea is an artist. Perhaps what you can’t tell is that she’s also quite the professional. Whether she’s working with cranky toddlers or a pair of shy lovebirds, Shea has a way about her that makes clients laugh, smile, and yes, even kiss, with comfort. My husband and I look forward to capturing life’s big moments through Shea’s lens. -Lauren + Adam

Shea seemed to capture all the real moments of our wedding weekend. She sent me a link to our slideshow, and I sobbed with joy remembering because her photos told the story just as I saw it in my mind. She is professional and honest, creative and invested in her work. Best of all, she is so warm and generous that having her beside you all day is a gift in itself — she and her assistants just blend happily in, snapping unbelievable photos along the way. Thank you, Shea, for your talents. –Sarah + Patrick

Dear Shea … To say that your photos and slideshow are wonderful and perfectly capture the joy of a day that I will always want to live over again seems a completely inadequate expression of my feelings. … I am speechless, grateful, and wonderfully so. You are gifted, beautiful and filled with grace. Thank you for sharing your life with our family.
-Kirk (Sarah’s dad)

Where do I start?! I feel like a million “thank you’s” would never be enough!  From the moment we first met with her, Shea went out of her way to make our wedding the most amazing and memorable experience ever.  From engagement pictures, to bridal portraits, and then spending ALL day at our ceremony and reception, Shea worked so hard and so long to capture every single detail of our wedding.  Shea is THE best, and the most accomodating person in the world. And the pictures!!  A year later, Brad and I still watch our fabulous slide shows.. and I still tear up!  Shea absolutely captured us in our happiest, yet most natural moments, and we will treasure those forever.  Her photos are truly art.. and I don’t mind showing them off!  Shea far exceeded our expectations with a stunning album and beautiful canvases, and we are forever thankful to her for making our day so personal, so comfortable, and so perfect.” -Amanda and Brad

Shea! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you for the wedding! You were so creative and fun and I cannot wait to do it again in the future for maybe an anniversary or baby pics… Everyone had such a wonderful time the day of the wedding and told me how easy you were to work with… I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. -Ashley + Adam

Gah I am soooo in love!!!!! I cry everytime I look at the photos!! Good thing school hasn’t started yet because everytime I’m walk by the computer I have to look at them! haha :) There are like 50 that I want to frame and hang up in my house, just need to get a bigger house so I have more wall space!!! and I showed my gramma and she cried!!! :) LOVE YOU!!! -Lyndsay + Alan

We absolutely LOVE the pictures! They are better than I even hoped for!! I’ve watched it close to 10 times already and feel choked up everytime…I want to have another wedding party! : ) Amazing pictures. We LOVE! -Stephanie + J

The pictures are amazing!!!! Thomas and I are moving and we were supposed to start packing this weekend… needless to say, we haven’t gotten much done- I have been glued to the computer looking at pictures! My dad took his computer to the hospital last night while he was on call and showed the slideshow to the nurses in the nursery… TWICE! My mom said that she was just “dazzled” by the pictures. I think that they cried more looking at the pictures than they did at the wedding!! Thank you sooooo much for the pictures! I absolutely love them and you captured our day perfectly!! I’m so glad that I started stalking your blog so long ago — after I saw a few of your weddings I KNEW I’d have to have you shoot my wedding!!! –Liz + Thomas

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