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inspired… STILL!

What a blessing these past few weeks have been… inspiration (and conviction) hitting me in the face from everywhere! It’s funny how much more you can see and be receptive to when you’re not glued to a computer til 2 am. :) Mike Larson spoke at the Nashville PUG yesterday. He is truly an inspiration, […]

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bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part two

I might have mentioned before how us Halliburton girls can sense a camera close by. I tried my hardest to sneak up on the happy couple in my parents front yard, right after the ceremony. Unsuccessfully, Sara caught me, but couldn’t hold back that cheerleader inside. :) The excitement on her face, the look in […]

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soaking it in | spread the love tour

I’m sifting through 12 pages of notes tonight… from an incredible workshop–a rather intense 5 hour LIFE workshop–with Justin & Mary Marantz. Simply amazing. We covered everything from business, finances, and the world to self and our personal lives… and the crucial balance of them all. We even reached a point, with not one dry […]

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bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part one

Of course, as sisters, we always knew and assumed (okay, demanded) that we’d be each other’s co-maids-of-honors one day when we were big and brides. :) I had never even imagined, A. that I wouldn’t be FIRST and B. that I’d reach a photographer’s dilemma: be in/attend a wedding or shoot it? Good thing, with […]

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Sara’s bridal session | clarksville wedding photographer

Hmm… where to begin this blogging marathon? (decided to adjust that blogging ‘everyday’ to every weekday’ haha)… How about with my favorite bride of 2009? I’m a little biased, but the winner is… my sister, Sara. It was SO special to get to do these bridal portraits… and can’t believe that we’ll be doing bridals […]

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